Best Baby Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl and Boy

30+ Best Baby Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl and Boy

A birthday gift with beautiful words adds more value to it


Here in this post, you can find the 30+ best baby birthday wishes for baby girl and boy.

Babies are very dear to all family members, friends, and neighbors. Everyone loves the company of a little one and wants to spend more time with him/her. 

As everyone is always very excited about for baby’s birthday and doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to create beautiful memories and capture every moment. Because these moments will always be very special for everyone, especially for the kid. 

Also, everyone wants to give cute baby birthday wishes in their own style and search for nice birthday quotes.

Hence, here in this post, we are writing 30+ best baby birthday wishes. So, without wasting more time, get ready to collect beautiful birthday messages.



Best Birthday Wishes for Boy


“Happy birthday my child,  we wish,  all your coming years will bring more happiness and prosperity in your life“.

“You are the only reason for my happiness. May God bless you – happy birthday my son”.

“Little naughty boy, I hope your birthday will be filled with fun, laughter,  balloons, cakes, and bunches of gifts “.

“Your life always will be as charming as you are – Happy Birthday cute baby”.

“My love and prayers always with you cute little baby – Happy Birthday “.

“No one is luckier than me because I got you as my child, always stay blessed – Happy Birthday my son”.

” Happy birthday to the naughty boy, I love your cute smile, you are the most handsome and charming baby “.

“Every day we thank God that he gave us such a lovely boy. We are proud of you. Happy birthday”.

“Have a wonderful birthday and You always shine like a star in your life “.

“Dear Son, we bless you for your birthday and for the future to come”.

My dear son, you have given a new meaning to my life. I’m enjoying parenthood with you, now my life is so beautiful. May your life will be filled with happiness and success, my blessings are always with you“.

“Every day with you is like a roller coaster ride and I’m loving it, thanks to making my life so wonderful, Enjoy the day naughty boy”.

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Best Birthday Wishes for Girl


“Today is the day when God blessed us with a baby girl and filled our lives with joy. Our love and wishes always with you”.

“The most valuable gift that ever I got that’s you, my child – Have a memorable day”.

“Lots of love to a little girl, all your dreams may come true – enjoy the day”.

“Lovely blessing to the little angel on her birthday! Always progress in life and keep smiling”.

“Today is the birthday of a very lovely girl. I hope you enjoy every moment of this special day”.

“Sweet little cute girl has a blasting birthday. Every moment is a gem which we spend with you”.

“You bring joy to our lives my angel have a memorable day”.

“May God bless you with a long and happy life. happy birthday, princess”.

“You make a lot of progress in life, always follow the right path, our best wishes are always with you”.

“My sweetheart,  I am proud to have a daughter like you. You are my angel. Happy Birthday, Darling”.

“Wish you a very happy birthday to a lovely beautiful girl, have a lot of fun with your little cute friends like you”.

” May every day bring more smiles to your life, Always trying to be a good person, Happy Birthday “.

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Best Baby Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl and Boy


1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy


“Happy 1st Birthday to the baby, my heart fills with joy and happiness when I remember all the moments with you. My blessings are always with you”.

“Blessings and lots of love to you on your first birthday, May God give you a healthy and happy life”.

“Today you turned one year old; time passes so quickly, I remember when the first time I took you in my lap, that was an unexplainable feeling. Thanks for coming into my life. Happy birthday, my child “.

“You have grown up and as a mother, I also grew up with you. My last year was the most wonderful year of my life because you were with me . Happy first birthday to my little prince”.

“Happy first birthday to little superstar, enjoy the day and I hope this special day will be memorable for you. My wishes and prayers are always with you”.


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1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl


“My sweet little most beautiful daughter has a fantastic 1st birthday; All your dreams may come true. God give you a happy life”.

“I always pray to God to give me a baby girl as my child. My prayers came true and you come into my life. You are a wonderful cute girl who has filled my life with joy and happiness. I wish you success in your life. Happy 1st birthday to my princess”.

“Today our baby girl’s 1st birthday. Your journey has just begun, we promise to you, our every moment is yours to fulfill your dreams. Always live life like a celebration “.

“My sweet girl you turned one today. Since you come into our lives every moment with you was magical .  Your mom and dad wishing you a very happy 1st birthday, stay blessed”.

“Hey, naughty little queen lots of love, kisses, and hugs from our side, we wish you an upbeat first birthday celebration”.

At the End

So, these are the latest baby birthday wishes quotes. We hope now you will wish your little one in a very dynamic way.

Furthermore, In this post, we have included best wishes for baby girl and boy separately. So, you don’t need to worry about how to wish birthdays to baby girl/boy, now it will be easy for you.

From our side best wishes for your little one.

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