Baby Products for Newborn

list of baby products for newborn

Being a new parent, if you are wondering what are the things needed for newborn baby and mainly where to start. So, to make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of baby products for newborn and we hope this list will be helpful for you.

Diapers & Nappies

Disposal Diapers

Nappies/Cloth Diapers

Baby Wipes

Diapers Rash Cream

One product you would like the foremost is Diapers. But the main thing is that which diaper is best for a newborn. As we all know traditionally use of cloth diapers (Langots) and we are using them since long. However, the problem is that you have to change them numerous times during a day, and also wash them on a regular basis.

On the other hand, we have disposable diapers, commonly utilized in today’s time. The main benefit to use them, they are easy to use, time-saving and also absorb more compares to cloth diapers.

So, once you are at home in daytime use cloth diapers, and in nights or you are not at home or busy in another work use disposable diapers.

Uses of diapers come diaper rash. So, diaper rash cream should be on your list.

As hygiene is most vital, wet wipes are used to clean your baby’s bottom. Also, you can use a soft cloth and warm water

Baby Bath & Care Products

Baby Bathing Chair

Baby Bath Tub

Baby Soap

Baby Shampoo

Surely, It will be easy for you to give a bath to your kid. If you have got a tub or Chair.

You can go with Mamaearth Soap and Shampoo. Of course, It is a good choice.

Baby Lotion

Baby Massage Oil

Baby Powder

Soft Bath  Towels

The baby lotion gives nourishment to the skin of an infant. Also, It prevents baby skin from dryness & moisture loss.

Massaging your baby with oil is good for his/her development. Moreover, massage helps babies sleep deeper.

Soft bath towels require after infant bath. So, it should be on your list. Buy different size of towels large and small as peruse. Also, good to possess a hoodie towel.

Nail Clipper 

Digital Thermometer

It is easy to measure a baby’s fever with a digital thermometer. So, you should have this product. Dr Trust Infrared Thermometer is a good choice.

Baby Cloths



Baby Sleep Suit



Socks & Caps

As per the weather where you live, buy a mix of full sleeve or half sleeve Onesies. Also, for easy dressing choose front openable outfits.

Not only swaddles are very comfortable but also they help baby to feel safe, secure and sleeps better.


Also, Buy 3-4 pair of socks and 2-3 caps for your Infant. However, it is not necessary to cover newborn feet and head all the time. You should use them according to the weather and while you take him out. Buy few blankets also.

Sleeping Needs



Mattress Protector

Cot or Cradle


Bassinets are helpful to offer a comfortable and cosy sleep to your baby. During the initial days, you would possibly want to make your little one to sleep along with you on the same bed. So, the bassinet is the best solution for that. Moreover, get a bassinet with a mosquito-net.

This water-proof sheet protects the mattress and moreover, these sheets work for multi-purpose uses. You will use them while changing the diapers.

A cot is the personal resting place for your kid. Moreover, You can put it in your room and finish other works, while your baby is always in front of your eyes. Luvlap Wooden Cot with swing and mosquito-net is a good option.


Feeding Bottles



Breast Pump


Bottle Cleaning Brush

A lot of options are available in the market. But we suggest Philips Avent BottlesThis feeding bottle is made of BPA free material 

Use steam sterilizer to sterilize baby bottles. However, you can also sterilize bottles in boiling water. But by the use of sterilizer, you can save your time and energy.

A breast pump helps to pump and store the breast milk. You will remain some milk in reserve for your baby, while you are out for some time.

You can go with Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush.

Outing Items List

Baby Car Seat



Breast Pump


Diaper Bag


According to your baby’s age and weight, buy an appropriate car seat

Choose a suitable stroller/pram for your newborn. Surely, It will be helpful for you to go out for a walk or shopping mall.

However,  It is difficult to carry stroller everywhere. Also, when we are out for long with our kid then we need a supporter. Baby carriers are useful and comfortable for both child and parents. So, buy an appropriate carrier for you little one.

When you go out, a diaper bag also requires in which you will carry kid’s essentials. While you are out this product is most important.

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