DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow

  • Great item for in-bed reading, TV-watching.
  • Sofa cushion, and back and head pillow-supply
  • For a comfortable and cozy feeling in the home
  • A Perfect Gift & Toy For Children
  • Ideal For Home Décor
  • Non-toxic & Soft Material
  • Multipurpose Nature


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DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow

DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow is designed to offer superior comfort to your child. The primary characteristic of this particular pillow is that your child is able to use it for different purposes like while playing, sleeping, and while watching TV.

The pillow is made from non-toxic and soft fabric material and is stuffed very well to provide added comfort. The elephant design of this pillow makes it look very cute and appealing, especially when placed in the kid’s room. Children easily fall in love with this elephant pillow and tend to play with it all day long.

Key Features:-

A Perfect Gift & Toy For Children

This elephant pillow proves to be a perfect gift for babies due to its kid-friendly and utilitarian design. The elephant design of this pillow makes it stand out from the other stuffed toys in the kid’s room and which is why kids tend to play with this pillow even more. This product is great for in-bed reading, TV-watching, sofa-cushion,s and as a back and head pillow.

Non-Toxic & Soft Material

When you buy something for your child. Ensure that the product is made from non-toxic material. which would not prove to be harmful to your kid. DearJoy understands how delicate children and kids are and hence has made this pillow using soft and safe fabric material that does not harm your child in any way. In fact, the material is so soft that you will need to take effort to get this toy away from the clutches of your kid.

Ideal For Home Décor

The elephant pillow makes a great addition to your home décor because of its kid-friendly and beautiful design. This particular design looks appealing to adults and children alike, which is why you can keep it in your living room as well as in your kid’s room.

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