Wishkey Toy Set for Babies | Colorful | Non-Toxic BPA Free

  • Early Educational Toy.
  • This rattle is made of BPA Free ABS plastic 
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly material,
  • Safe for children to get it on their mouth or chew on.
  • A perfect gift for a newborn baby.
  • Development toys
  • Attractive Sound Toy Helps to Soothe Baby
  • Perfect Size for Little Hand

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Wishkey Toy Set for Babies

Wishkey Toy Set for Babies: The vibrant rattle and teether toy set designed for the amusement of infants. It can indulge babies in shaking, jiggling, and playing while experiencing different types of grips, sounds, and textures. There are no sharp edges and they are optimally sized to be safe for babies to handle. Your baby would just love to grasp these toys and listen to the various sounds made by each rattle.

Key Features:-

  • Early Educational Toy: When Infants are just beginning to grasp things on purpose, shaking, pulling, rotating, or on to teething. This rattles and teethers set is a perfect toy.
  • 100% Safety: This rattle made from BPA Free ABS plastic of non-toxic eco-friendly material, safe for children. To get it on the mouth or chew on. A perfect gift for a newborn baby.
  • Development toys: Also, Helps strengthen the baby’s sensory, motor and hand, and eye coordination skills. Different colors, various shapes, unique designs can develop baby recognition ability.
  • Attractive Sound Toy Helps to Soothe Baby: Attractive and sweet sounds will show up when mommy shakes the rattles. A useful and essential toy for parents to soothe the little baby.Light-weight and small volume. It can be played anywhere such as outdoor, indoor, even in the car.
  • Perfect Size for Little Hand: The colorful baby rattles are big enough which avoid mistake swallow. Also, Perfect size for little hands to grab it. The parts of the rattle have soft edges safe for the baby. Hours of fun with these fun rattles and teether.

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